What People are Saying

“As a mom, we are constantly feeling guilty about all the sugar our kids are exposed to. I am so happy to find these delicious Little Jules, a candy I can give my children that is teeth friendly, sugarless and guilt-free! They have a delicious creamy flavor, which has my kids (and adults) begging for more. I am both a mom and dentist, and I completely approve of these delicious little gems! ”

- Tammy, Mother and Dentist Los Angeles, CA

"Apparently, Dr.Leedia made Little Jules for children and pregnant mothers...and although I am neither a child nor pregnant - I know for sure I am super addicted to them. My favorite flavors are the cherry and green apple ones. I recently found out from Dr.Leedia I wasn’t supposed to eat more than a few every day, but can I pretend I don't remember this advice and continue eating a dozen or more a day? LOL."

- Heidi Nazarudin, Dr. Leedia's Patient Santa Monica, CA

"They are amazing and taste so good!"

"I would definitely let my kids eat this candy. I would'nt be worried about the sugar content or the possibility of my children getting cavities. They are amazing and taste so good! I love them too!"

- Nathalie Sader Wellness & Self-love Coach Los Angeles , CA