Our Philosophy

What is Koracare?

We are a health & lifestyle brand for mothers, by mothers. Created by Dr. Leedia Riman, Koracare was inspired by her own pregnancy experience and passion for dentistry. We serve as a community for mothers to learn the best practices for their own personal oral health, as well as their babies' oral health. From this philosophy, we curate and sell products that are in-line with our mission statement and core values.

Our Mission:

Our mission at Koracare is to bring awareness to every mother and mother-to-be about the health of both her and her baby’s mouth. Too many women (men too) are in the dark when it comes to oral health and pregnancy, and we want to shed a light on the subject.

Gum inflammation and dental decay have an impact on a pregnant woman’s health and her baby’s health before and after birth. It is my goal and mission to ensure each and every woman (and her partner, of course) has the knowledge, know-how, and access to utilize the most natural, effective, and practical tools to prevent dental disease for moms and babies.

With all the turmoil, different opinions, and ways of life in the world, I choose to believe that the world is a beautiful place. Each and every single human has the fundamental right to health and access to care. With the birth of the “internet”, this allows us to achieve that. I am raising a beautiful girl in this world, and if I believed otherwise, I would be doing her a huge disservice, when in fact, I am here for her service. As a mother and a dentist, my mission is to reach as many women and their families and provide them with a user-friendly platform to get all their knowledge, kits and candy from.

All the information you will read, and watch on Koracare was useful for me as a pregnant woman, and for my child. They are actually things that would have been useful for me during my pregnancy as I got a dental infection myself and had severe morning sickness that impacted my oral health. Our philosophy is precisely to do unto others as I would want to be done unto me.

All the products that you see featured are safe for every single pregnant woman, and her baby. If a product is safe for my own child to consume, or for my pregnant friend to use, then I will offer it to you and your child. Everything on the site has been tested out on my very self, on my baby, friends and their babies.

We honor the human race. We honor every incredible woman, along with all the powerful women who grow humans in their bodies and bring souls into this world. This is a passion project, and a responsibility I have taken, to reach out to every single pregnant woman in the world. I want to make a difference, and if I can do so for those responsible for the creation of life, I would be fulfilling one of my life’s purposes. There is no greater gift than health along with love. It’s the root of all good!