Oral Care Protocol

Dental Care Guide for you and your Baby

Over 80% of women I have surveyed and seen in my office as a dentist, did not know about the dental implications during pregnancy, and after giving birth. Your dental health as a pregnant woman impacts your baby before they are born, and after.


Prenatal Dental Care Checklist

Want to get pregnant, download these! Pregnant? Download these! Did you recently deliver? Download these! A comprehensive checklist personalized for each phase for optimal dental health for mommy, and for baby as well.


Prenatal Dental Care

Infant Dental Care Guide

Hi Mommies and daddies! Did you know that dental decay is the number one chronic disease for children? It is actually seven times more likely to occur in children than asthma. It is so, so incredibly important that you start cleaning your new baby's mouth from day one. Both breast milk and formula have sugar in them and controlling the bacterial levels in your baby’s mouth, as they are eating their first meals, is crucial to his or her dental health in the future. Download this free ultimate infant dental care guide for everything you need to about your baby's oral health.


Infant Dental Care

Cancer Warrior Dental Care Guide

Over one third of cancer patients have oral complications. Many of these complications can be prevented (or experienced at a much milder form). Whatever dental condition you have prior to cancer treatments, can significantly worsen during and after. Even if there is no active disease in your mouth prior to the start of your treatments, gum disease, bone loss, and dental decay can occur during your treatments and continue to progress while you are in remission, especially if untreated. Download this free ultimate cancer warrior dental care guide for everything you need to about taking care of your mouth, or a loved ones mouth during this challenging time.


Cancer Warrior Dental Care

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