Meet Dr. Leedia

Dr. Leedia Riman is a dentist, mother, and thought leader in the dental industry.

After receiving her Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the University of California Los Angeles, Leedia went on to complete her Advanced Education in General Dentistry at the Veterans Affairs hospital in San Antonio, Texas. After completing her Advanced Education she became the youngest dentist for the Saudi-American oil company, Aramco, where she had the opportunity to treat individuals from all over the world. Ultimately, this path led Leedia to reconnect with her brothers, Rashad & Rawad, in Beverly Hills, CA where they all practice dentistry today!

Dr. Leedia practices all forms of dentistry, with a focus on cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, and geriatric dental care. In addition to her work at R Dental, Leedia maintains a part-time lecturer position at UCLA School of Dentistry and also recently started a maternal oral care brand, Koracare. When she's not creating beautiful smiles, she loves spending time with her family and friends, running, and taking part in outdoor adventures.

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What is Koracare?

We are a health & lifestyle brand for mothers, by mothers.

Created by Dr. Leedia Riman, Koracare was inspired by her own pregnancy experience and passion for dentistry. We serve as a community for mothers to learn the best practices for their own personal oral health, as well as their babies' oral health. From this philosophy, we curate and sell products that are in-line with our mission statement and core values.

Our Mission

Our mission at Koracare is to bring awareness to every mother and mother-to-be about the health of both her and her baby's mouth. Too many women (men too) are in the dark when it comes to oral health and pregnancy, and we want to shed a light on the subject.

Gum inflammation and dental decay have an impact on a pregnant woman's health and her baby's health before and after birth.

It is my goal and mission to ensure each and every woman (and her partner, of course) has the knowledge, know-how, and access to utilize the most natural, effective, and practical tools to prevent dental disease for moms and babies.

With all the turmoil, different opinions, and ways of life in the world, I choose to believe that the world is a beautiful place. Each and every single human has the fundamental right to health and access to care. With the birth of the "internet", this allows us to achieve that. I am raising a beautiful girl in this world, and if I believed otherwise, I would be doing her a huge disservice, when in fact, I am here for her service. As a mother and a dentist, my mission is to reach as many women and their families and provide them with a user-friendly platform to get all their knowledge, kits and candy from.

All the information you will read, and watch on Koracare was useful for me as a pregnant woman, and for my child. They are actually things that would have been useful for me during my pregnancy as I got a dental infection myself and had severe morning sickness that impacted my oral health. Our philosophy is precisely to do unto others as I would want to be done unto me.

All the products that you see featured are safe for every single pregnant woman, and her baby. If a product is safe for my own child to consume, or for my pregnant friend to use, then I will offer it to you and your child. Everything on the site has been tested out on my very self, on my baby, friends and their babies.

We honor the human race. We honor every incredible woman, along with all the powerful women who grow humans in their bodies and bring souls into this world. This is a passion project, and a responsibility I have taken, to reach out to every single pregnant woman in the world. I want to make a difference, and if I can do so for those responsible for the creation of life, I would be fulfilling one of my life's purposes. There is no greater gift than health along with love. It's the root of all good!

How to take care your Prenatal dental health?

Everything you need to know about taking care of your dental health to prevent things like
irreversible dental problems, premature labor and lower birth weights!

School Programs

Did you Know?

Did you know that 75% of children experience dental decay by the time they graduate high school in the USA? Meanwhile, in Finland, 75% of children have never had tooth decay by the time they graduate high school, despite not having fluoridated water.

So what is the difference? The answer: Xylitol! (And other sugar-alcohols - sugar substitutes naturally found that cannot be digested by the disease causing bacteria). Studies shown below suggest that introducing Xylitol to school systems as an alternative to sugar can help prevent tooth decay by up to 60% (not to mention the financial and psychological savings) . It's time for us in America to focus on the prevention on one of the most common chronic childhood disease - tooth decay!

Each child will receive a bag of candy, along with a pamphlet filled with fun and important facts about dental decay, bad breath and gum disease. In addition to that, they will receive a “Brush N Floss” Guide along with 30 day “Brush N Floss” challenge!

Resources & Studies Supporting Xylitol Use In Schools:

The four xylitol gums were most effective in reducing caries rates, the most effective agent being a 100% xylitol pellet gum (relative risk, 0.27; 95% confidence interval, 0.20 to 0.36; p = 0.0001). The largest caries risk reduction was observed in the group receiving xylitol pellet gum."

"If all members of the UK 12-year-old population chewed SFG frequently (twice a day), the potential cost savings for the cohort over the course of one year were estimated to range from £1.2 to £3.3 million and if they chewed three times a day, £8.2 million could be saved each year."

Hospital Programs

Everything Xylitol Kora Kandy Program: Elevating the Hospital Patient Experience with Candy!

My daughter has been hospitalized for airway problems - and hopefully that’s the first and last time. We are so grateful for all the amazing doctors at UCLA children's hospital who truly save lives, and calm nervous parents down. It was a tough 8 days at the hospital, and while our experience was wonderful, it would have been such a pleasant surprise for us to receive some tooth friendly candy to elevate our moods (because sweets always elevate my mood, not sure about you!) and to raise awareness about not forgetting our dental health while we are in the hospital.

In the pediatrics, oncology, and obstetrics departments, the distribution of everything xylitol products would not only enhance the patient experience but also educate patients on the importance of their oral health. Nobody wants to be in a hospital, but we can help make the patient experience more enjoyable, and beneficial at the same time in avoiding dental problems after they are back to full health.

Cancer patients receiving radiation and chemo, especially to the head and neck area, suffer from severe dry mouth. In addition, hundreds of medications cause dry mouth, and Kora Kandy will not only be great to stimulate saliva, but also ensure that they are not adding to the acidic environment in their mouth. Because the disease-causing bacteria cannot break down sugar-alcohols like xylitol and erythritol, they will not be able to produce the acidic byproduct responsible for dental decay.

BrushAbaby Hospital Program

Because every mother has the right to know how to take care of her infants mouth from day one. What better system than to prove the first kit to mothers while in the hospital, while raising awareness to give the gift of dental health from day one.

Dental Office Programs

Fighting dental cavities with Non-Cariogenic Tooth friendly Candy!

BrushAbaby Dental Office program: Because every mother has the right to know how to take care of her infants mouth from day one.

Pharmacy Programs

Fighting dental cavities with Non-Cariogenic Tooth friendly Candy!

The sugar substitutes in this candy are all sugar alcohols, meaning they cannot be broken down by the disease causing bacteria to create dental decay. They also stimulate saliva production, and will improve dry mouth. About 1 in four adults have dry mouth.

Many diseases and thousands of medications cause dry mouth, also known as xerestomia. When your body does not improve enough saliva, your chances of dental decay, gum disease, infection and bad breath significantly increases.

Here are the top four reasons why saliva is so important:
  • 1. Saliva washes your teeth and forms a protective layer on them.
  • 2. Saliva buffers your mouth, meaning it makes it more alkaline if the pH drops (becomes more acidic).
  • 3. Saliva has antibodies, which makes it have an antibacterial effect.
  • 4. Saliva makes the calcium and phosphate in your tooth structure more resistant to break down in acidic conditions.

BrushAbaby Pharmacy program

Because every mother has the right to know how to take care of her infants mouth from day one. And every child has the right to the foundation of great oral health. Less suffering for everyone!

How to take care your Prenatal dental health?

Everything you need to know about taking care of your dental health to prevent things like irreversible dental problems, premature labor and lower birth weights!


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