Dental Care Guide for You and Your Baby

Dental Care Guide for You and Your Baby

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Over 80% of women I have surveyed and seen in my office as a dentist, did not know about the dental implications during pregnancy, and after giving birth. Your dental health as a pregnant woman impacts your baby before they are born, and after.

1- Dental inflammation has been linked to preterm labor and lower birth weights.

2- Maternal bacteria is transferred to the baby after they are born. If you have dental disease, that disease causing bacteria will transfer to your baby. Much like a flu or virus!

As a mom who struggled with hyperemesis gravidarum and dental infection during pregnancy and a dentist who met many moms with dental problems, I knew this book had to be written. It’s my mission to take away the confusion of dental care during pregnancy. Is it safe to visit your dentist? Is it safe to get a cleaning or a filling? Should you be using special toothpaste and mouth rinse? What do you discuss with your dentist when you’re pregnant? These questions and more will be answered in this book. Nowhere else will you find such a concise, accessible, and relatable book on dental care during pregnancy.


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