The birth of twins... But they're not human?

Imagine this scenario:. It’s 6am, you’re pregnant, and in the bathroom throwing up. You also know you’ll make this trip back to the bathroom 7-14 times more today alone. Rinse and repeat throughout the entire pregnancy, go to the hospital 3 times for dehydration, pass out one time, and you’ll have had the same experience as me throughout my pregnancy!

During this time the last thing on your mind is taking care of your teeth. So you end up with a severe tooth infection in the front of your mouth and develop an uncontrollable gag reflex. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now but this was my reality for 8 months. I was finally able to eat comfortably during my 9th month, but couldn’t walk or drive because my little kicker decided to mess with my sciatic nerve.  If you want my full story click here. It sums up every sentiment I was feeling from feeling possessed by a devil to extreme debilitating fear.

After going through what felt like hell, my daughter Julia was born on April 22, 2016  after 24 hours of labor. When the doctor put her on my chest, no words could describe the immense emotion I felt. You're told you forget it all, but I didn't - it's stored away in my archive of memories! The unbearable pregnancy was worth it and I’d do it all over again - because Julia is simply wonderful. I’m sure any parent reading this feels the same about their child!

So what’s the point in bringing this up? Right when she was born I felt a deep desire to help other women. As a dentist and mom, I wanted to make sure no other mom went through what I did. I started surveying thousands of  woman about any dental issues they had while pregnant. Almost 85% of them said they had problems. Some had gum issues, others a mouthful of cavities, one had multiple root canals, and another an extraction.

Many moms think it’s unsafe to fix dental issues caused by their pregnancy, and most had no idea about the link between their dental health and overall wellness of their pregnancy, and their infants dental health upon birth.

Soon after Julia was born, her non-human twin, KoraCare, was born. KoraCare is a valuable resource and an all natural dental care product line for pregnant women and their infants. It’s a one-stop shop for pregnant women everywhere.

You won’t have to wonder, research, or fear anymore. Visit my site and learn everything you need to know about dental implications during pregnancy. You’ll have access to all natural dental care products that will serve not only you, but also your baby. Most of the dental issues I see are preventable. Nothing would make me prouder than to help other women give the gift of a healthy mouth to themselves and their babies.

As I write this, happy tears come into my eyes, because I feel so fortunate and blessed to have a beautiful daughter, and to be able to fulfill one of my life’s purposes not only as a mother, but as a professional who will help many other mothers, infants, and fathers!

Cheers to a healthy and beautiful smile, for you and your baby :)

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