Postpartum Depression: Let’s BREAK the silence!

I am talking with a friend of mine who is suffering. She’s suffering all alone, and it does not have to be this way. She feels like she has lost interest in life, and that as a woman and mother, she’s completely dispensable. 

I asked her what her hobby was, and she responded, “I don’t know, and even if I did, I have no energy to do it.” Ironically, I find her to be one of the strongest women I know! She’s raising two beautiful kids, and one was a micro-preemie! 

If you do not know what that is - please look it up. Her baby was born dead, and fit in her palm. They miraculously were able to revive him, and now he’s thriving! If going through that isn’t strength, I do not know what is! 

Her words remind me of the days when I was going through the same thing - PPD - and felt like an ultimate failure. I was always upbeat, outgoing, and lively one in the picture. I never understood what anxiety or depression was - and I now feel grateful for going through it because I am a stronger version of myself! (Well, I’m in the process of becoming a stronger version of my old lively self lol). 

What did I do? And, in retrospect, what should have I done? 

I shared the following with my friend, and I can already tell she felt slightly better. 

1. I should have sought medical help and support earlier than I did. I initially reached out to other mom friends of mine, who were able to help as much as they can. My life coach, Nathalie Sader, worked so much and helped me so much on my journey. Frankly, I think women are the only ones who will understand other moms going through PPD. Men do not get it, not because they’re bad, they’re just not wired this way, and how can you fully comprehend something so foreign to you because your body just doesn’t go through it. 

2. CBD oil and gummies! I am a firm believer! I probably should have gotten on medication for a little bit - because I was really really struggling. The CBD helped with my anxiety big time, and once that started decreasing, I was able to cope better and take everything else one step at a time. 

3. Created Koracare and Little Jules, the yummy tooth-friendly candies for kids and adults! The creative process was very healing to me - it gave me a sense of personal identity, and self-worth

Yes, a lot of people may look at me and say, you’re a dentist with your own practice with your family and have a beautiful daughter, and family, etc. I am beyond grateful off course, but I needed to find a purpose and calling through this time; I needed to utilize the energy from the pain and darkness I felt and direct it into something that can touch many people's lives. That’s exactly what I did, and I hope to make my family and kids really proud of me one day. 

4. Self-help, self-love, and a dose of selfishness! I started really listening to people who have triumphed after going through major struggles, spending more time alone, and being selfish at times. I started saying no to a lot of things that did not serve me and cut out certain energies. That was very healing as well. I truly believe that we have a lot of energy around us that do not serve us, and it’s up to us to take personal responsibility for our surroundings and create the environment we want. I get many more massages, get nails and hair done almost weekly now, and respect my body when I have my period and rest. If we do not honor our bodies, it will not honor us. It’s that simple. 

Now that I’m pregnant, I am preparing a lot better, psychologically and physically so that I do not go through a severe PPD again. I’m working on getting rid of my fear and any residual anger from the past. I am constantly working to be a better version of myself. That’s the best way we can serve our families and the world. 

Much love and light, 

Dr. Leedia

Quote of the day

"We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them."

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