Motherhood Chronicles: Men and Women, ARE NOT EQUAL!

My parents always encouraged me to be the best I can be, not to let anyone stand in my way in terms of education, career, and advancement in life. I worked very hard - and I achieved everything I wanted from an educational point of view. I was able to do everything than any male in my classes was able to do, and graduate right on top.  

In that aspect, I agree that men and women can be equal. They can both have the same amount of creativity, the same levels of talent and vision, and compensation. 

It was not until becoming pregnant that I realized there are aspects in life in which we are NOT EQUAL, and we shouldn’t fight for this equality because it does not exist. We are different! Men cannot have babies. Women cannot work like men while having babies and in the postpartum period. We need to stop putting this excessive pressure on ourselves to be equal and just start being. 

Women have lost touch with their femininity more than ever. When life coach @nathaliesader told me this months ago, I really did not get it, but now I totally do. We need to start honoring our bodies, our cycles, and the miracle of birth that our body creates. It’s not a light or easy process - and if we do not slow down, be present with what’s happening within us, we are creating unrealistic and unachievable expectations for future generations. 

I am currently 8 months pregnant, and unable to practice dentistry any longer. It’s causing a severe amount of pain, distress, and lethargy - and that’s all getting transferred to my baby. I will be stopping within the next couple of days and will be prioritizing my growing body, and the change we will have in our home soon. 

So instead of fighting for equality on all fronts, I believe we should fight for appreciation and feeling honored. When a woman feels the later two societies will naturally elevate, women will heal faster, and they will be able to pursue their life’s purposes in a healthier and quicker manner. The journey matters. 


Dr. Leedia 

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"We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them."

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