Give your child the BIGGEST GIFT of all…HEALTH! by following 4 simple steps!

Let’s be honest, no mother or father wants to see their child in pain, screaming and fighting a doctor. Or see their child lose their baby teeth and have it affect the way permanent teeth come in. This kind of situation happens way too much yet the fix is simple.

Before we dive in, I want to share a conversation I had with a mom the other day who had a “doctor phobic” son.

Mother: My son keeps getting cavities, and I don’t know what to do.

Dr. Leedia: Do you help him brush his teeth?

Mother: No, he won’t let me. He’s always fighting me when it comes to his teeth.

Dr. Leedia: Ok. When was the first time you brought him to the dentist?

Mother: When I noticed something black on his front tooth.

Dr. Leedia: How old was he?

Mother: He was two years old.

Dr. Leedia: Were you brushing his teeth and cleaning his mouth prior to that?

Mother: I never cleaned his teeth before that because I never knew I needed to.

Dr. Leedia: How was his first dental experience?

Mother: His appointment was horrible! He was screaming the entire time and they had to forcefully do two baby root canals on him.

IT’S NO WONDER her son feels extreme fear and hates going to the dentist. One of my missions is to make this kind of situation stop. Had this mom known the simple steps below she could’ve avoided seeing her child in pain. If you follow these simple, yet crucial steps you will give your baby the gift of a healthy mouth - for the rest of their life.

Start alkalizing your baby’s mouth from day one. Wiping down their gums daily is the best way to keep them healthy. They’ll appreciate missing out on the painful dental visits that come with gum disease or decay.

Visit the dentist early. This helps your child develop a positive relationship with their dentist. Take them by their first birthday or when their first tooth comes in. The earlier you take your baby the better the experience for them in the future.

Take care of your teeth. Did you know bacteria from your mouth can transfer to your child? So, if you know you have gum disease and dental cavities, then know you’re giving your child disease causing bacteria. Monkey See, Monkey Do. As your child grows, when they see a health conscientious parent who takes care of their oral health, they’re more likely to do so too. I can’t emphasize that enough.

Not so bad right?

Avoid these steps and you’ll end up spending a lot of unwanted time and money at the dentist. I know you’re a caring mother who has your child's best interest at heart. Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, you will follow these simple steps to give your child the biggest gift of all: healthy habits, because nothing else matters.

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