6 Tricks to get your toddler to LOVE brushing their teeth, most of the time ;)

Mom life is no joke, it’s amazing alot of the time, but sometimes it’s the most taxing task, emotionally and physically. As moms, we want to do our best for our baby - we want to make sure they’re well fed, they’re warm, but not too warm, they’re happy and laughing, they’re getting enough stimulation, but not too much stimulation, and the list goes on and on.

We also need to make sure that they’re healthy. An essential portion of their health is their dental health, and it’s all about starting great habits early on. The early you start the easier it will be. My toddler has become a huge fan of “brushing teeeeth” - she does get a little worked up sometimes while I’m brushing, but overall, she’s really into it and here’s 5 reasons why!

  1. I started cleaning her mouth from day one! Yup, day one!! Click here to read more about why this is so important!
  2. I sing to her while brushing, and I get really really animated with my songs and that distracts her.
  3. I bought 4 soft toothbrushes for her, different colors, and I let her choose which one she wants to brush with. That gives her some power.
  4. I bought 5 different types of toothpastes, different designs and colors. I also let her choose which toothpaste she wants. For some reason, she’s obsessed with toothpaste. I wonder why? LOL
  5. I show her videos of animals getting their teeth brushed, like a dog. She loves that video!
  6. I let her watch some Moana, and that really helps with distractions on days that she’s not having it!

There’s no compromises in the tooth brushing component in our household. She even has two teeth that are touching each other, that she allows me to floss. I am pretty lenient about a lot of things with her - I want her to feel that she’s free to express herself, choose her clothes, eat as little or as much as she wants, and whether she wants to push her stroller, or ride in it.

With brushing and health - I am not lenient. She knows that. Kids are super smart, and I’m come to notice really quickly that they are great manipulators if they see you are unsure about something. It’s a little added effort, but worth it to avoid psychological, and financial pain at the dentist later on.

Dr. Leedia is a practicing dentist in Beverly Hills, California and has created KoraCare - Inspired by her own pregnancy experience and passion for dentistry, KoraCare is a health and lifestyle brand for pregnant women, mothers, and their infants!

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