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Tooth Friendly Candy

Dentist Created, Mom Approved.

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DR. LEEDIA! Dentist AND Mom!

Creating awareness about prenatal & infant dental care! Through the creation of tooth-friendly CANDY! #candythatcares

Taste Little Jules Chewies now! Giving joy, NOT cavities!

Meet Dr. Leedia Riman

A dentist, mother, and thought leader in the dental industry

After receiving her Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the University of California Los Angeles, Leedia went on to complete her Advanced Education in General Dentistry at the Veterans Affairs hospital in San Antonio, Texas.


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Little Jules - bursts of tooth friendly fun! 14.95 Sale Price: 12.95

"Who said candy was bad for your teeth?" - Dr. Leedia (dentist and mommy!) Sugar free, meticulously made...


Welcome to Koracare! We are a modern wellness brand for pregnant women and their children.

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As a mom, we are constantly feeling guilty about all the sugar our kids are exposed to. I am so happy to find these delicious Little Jules, a candy I can give my children that is teeth friendly, sugarless and guilt-free! They have a delicious creamy flavor, which has my kids (and adults) begging for more. I am both a mom and dentist, and I completely approve of these delicious little gems!

-Tammy, Mother and Dentist Los Angeles, CA

"Apparently, Dr.Leedia made Little Jules for children and pregnant mothers...and although I am neither a child nor pregnant - I know for sure I am super addicted to them. My favorite flavors are the cherry and green apple ones. I recently found out from Dr.Leedia I wasn’t supposed to eat more than a few every day, but can I pretend I don't remember this advice and continue eating a dozen or more a day? LOL."

- Heidi Nazarudin, Dr. Leedia's Patient Santa Monica, CA

"They are amazing and taste so good!"

"I would definitely let my kids eat this candy. I would'nt be worried about the sugar content or the possibility of my children getting cavities. They are amazing and taste so good! I love them too!"

- Nathalie Sader Wellness & Self-love Coach Los Angeles , CA

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